Leadership, Ethics, and Philanthropy: Handing the Torch to the Millennials

The Millennial Generation’s interest in volunteerism and community service is well-documented.  It’s safe to predict that this generation will serve as an example for us all of how to build lives around one’s personal values.  But where can Millennials go to take these ingrained interests to the next level?  How can they access the learning of existing leaders in the philanthropic and business sectors, and shape their own commitment to service-oriented leadership?  Former business management consultant Dave Aldrich has responded to that need by founding Grab The Torch.

This week-long camp provides the opportunity for diverse campers to explore topics centered around leadership, ethics and philanthropy.  In the words of one camper, “Grab the Torch camp taught me to have the guts to go and follow my passion without turning back.”  With camps happening in Vermont, Colorado and Connecticut, Aldrich is hoping to have significant impact on  the next generation of leaders.

The Vermont Community Foundation is partnering with Grab The Torch to make possible 20 full and partial scholarship opportunities for the 2012 Grab The Torch Leadership Ethics and Philanthropy Summer Camp Institute.  The scholarship opportunity is open to rising first year high school students to rising first year college students.  The 2012 camp is August 12-17 at the Bishop Booth Conference Center on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.  Speakers, site visits and panelists include:

  • Rick Davis, President, Permanent Fund for the Well-Being of Vermont Children;
  • Christine Zachai, Principal, Forward Philanthropy;
  • The Webb Family, founders of Shelburne Farms;
  • June Heston, Executive Director of the Burton’s Chill Foundation,
  • Burton Snowboard Factory;
  • Youth Trade;
  • Nan Peterson, the 2012 Service Learning Educator of The Year;
  • Hal Colston, Executive Director, Vermont Commission on National and Community Service;
  • Jon Isham and Heather Neuwirth, Middlebury College Center for Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Ben & Jerry’s;
  • Lois McClure, J. Warren and Lois McClure Foundation;
  • Stu Comstock-Gay, President and CEO of the Vermont Community Foundation;
  • Paul Schervish, Director, Boston College Wealth and Philanthropy Institute;
  • Ken Berger, President and CEO, Charity Navigator;
  • Lauren Curry, Executive Director of Tarrant Foundation

Applicants must be full or part time residents of Vermont. The application process can be found online at www.grabthetorch.org. For additional information, contact Dave Aldrich at 781-864-5758 or daldrich@grabthetorch.org