Now, more than ever.

Now, more than ever, the basic beliefs behind philanthropy are critical to our country.

It’s an over-used crutch in the philanthropic sector to start any commentary with the definition of philanthropy as the love of people, so, please, indulge me: A love of people. A feeling of generosity. The knowledge that one person, one gift, one organization, one community can make a change.

Now, more than ever, our country needs a love of people that is not qualified.

A love of people that is not dependent on political party, or red vs. blue, or poll numbers. Uniting our country needs to start with each of us, with each of our families, our schools, our communities, and our states.

Now, more than ever, our country must work for all people.

Our country must work for people who have grown up in generational poverty, and people who are new to our country. People of color, and people who have disabilities. People who have poor health, and people who didn’t make it through high school. People surviving violence at home, and people who have survived violence in the military. People who are elderly, and people who have just been born. People who want to marry the  person they love, and people who want to worship the god they love. People who drink public water, and people who have college debt. We are that country, and we are those people. And, we must work for it, and for each other.

Our collective philanthropy is more critical than ever to protect, uplift, and cherish humanity. Now, more than ever, the love of people must win.