Toxin Free Kids

Calling early education programs in Vermont! Have you been wanting to upgrade those old nap mats? Or figure out how afford the cost of sprucing up with VOC-free paint?

The Seventh Generation Foundation has just released guidelines for their new Vermont Community Building grant round: Toxin Free Kids.

From the good folks at Seventh Generation: “We believe that during the critically important early childhood years, young Vermonters deserve an environment free from indoor air pollution and toxins. To that end, we are offering grants to non-profit child care centers and preschools for green facility improvements and to purchase non-toxic equipment.” The very simple applications are due May 16, 2016.

Here at Forward Philanthropy, we are honored to continue supporting the Seventh Generation Foundation in their philanthropy. Let’s join forces to nurture the health of the next seven generations: Toxin Free Kids_2016 Guidelines